Coconut oil for acne


Coconut oil for acne

Clearing acne scars can be quite an uphill task. Considering how bad the scars might look, we are always willing to try any available treatment. There is no need to search further than you are because the treatment is easily accessible. Coconut has been known to be the best natural treatment for acne scars. The use of natural coconut oil is not only limited to the kitchen but for medication purposes as well.

                   Reasons as to why coconut oil is the best remedy for acne scars
Coconut oil is loaded with two very essential acids that are key when it comes to fighting acne scars. These include the lauric and capric acids. The lauric acid in particular is a component of breast milk which also makes it more ideal for general health.

                                                   It is anti-bacterial
Lauric acid in coconut oil is very effective in fighting the P.acnes bacteria which causes acne. This therefore implies that the oil deals with the underlying cause of the infection. Once you suppress the bacteria then the scars will automatically clear up.

                                              Coconut oil is anti-inflammatory
Swelling is a major characteristics of acne scars. Even after treating acne infection patients still remain with swollen scars on the face. Coconut oil being anti-inflammatory suppresses this inflammation and initiates the healing process.

                                      Coconut oil speeds up re-epithelialization 
Re-epithelialization is very crucial when it comes to healing of wounds. Acne scars are mostly characterized by wounds that look like they will never go away. However coconut will help cross-link collagen as the damaged tissue is undergoing repair. Remember collagen really improves the appearance of the skin. Actually people go as far as injecting collagen supplements. With coconut oil you get this dose naturally and your acne scar wounds heal much faster.

                                       Coconut oil has great moisturizing properties
Dry skin is one of the major reasons why cane scars might get worse. After the acne pimples have disappeared and the scars are left, always ensure your skin is adequately moisturized. Coconut is a deep moisturizer which helps strengthen inner tissues of the skin and removes any dead cells that dry up the skin. Managing acne scars with a dry skin is always very painful.

                                     How to use coconutoil to clear acne

coconut oil for acne

First you should know what type of coconut oil to use. For best results use untouched natural coconut oil. At times getting coconut to extract its oil might be a problem, you can then purchase the organic extra virgin coconut oil.

Natural Coconut oil is normally solid, but it has to melt for you to use it. You can either pass the jar of coconut oil through warm water or simply rub the oil between your fingers. When it is in liquid form just take a little and rub gently on your face.


Remember your face is the most important and delicate part of your body as everyone sees it. Never use products you are not sure of their effects when fighting acne scars. Pure natural coconut oil is the best for acne scars due to its anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and moisturizing properties. Get this magical oil and watch your scars heal sooner than you had anticipated.

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